FAQs(About Toy Guns)

⭐We can't imagine that so many people will ask this question.

⭐We are a regular shipping seller and due to the special nature of toy guns, we only support shipping to some countries. Please check our shipping policy before you buy to make sure your country is within the shipping range.

⭐Countries within the delivery list have a 100% proper delivery rate, other countries have a 1% chance of being detained by customs.

⭐We are able to deliver the product to you as long as it is within the list of countries we can deliver to. Please buy with confidence

Toy gun is sensitive product, some countries even prohibit market circulation. So paypal doesn't agree with us to open a collection account, which leads to our inability to provide paypal payment.

You can pay by credit card, due to the strict review of credit payment, if the payment is not successful, please try more times to pay successfully.

Thank you for the effort you put into your favorite toy! ! !

Please contact us if you have any question:[email protected]

A.It takes about 2 weeks for general merchandise and 3 weeks for toy guns. Toy guns are usually scrutinized strictly by the customs, and of course, sometimes they encounter good people who are careless.

Toy guns are very special products, and the transportation time may be longer than ordinary products. If you have any questions, please contact us.

A: We will refund you in full, click the link below to see the solution.

If your countries is outside the shipping country list,Please contact us for confirmation before purchasing.

🔥GLOCK color changing lighter

⭐UDL2011 Battle Master Shell Ejection | ANBSE™

1. Built for pistol enthusiasts, it can be quickly disassembled and assembled.

2. Load manually, ejection the shells and Last round bolt hold open function.

3. It is not just a toy pistol, but the detachable design is conducive to popularizing firearms knowledge for children, which is very necessary.

🔥Auto M416 Burst Launcher HK416 Soft Bullet|ANBSE™

  • 🔥UDL Combat Master 2011 Shell Ejection Pistol

    This is a detachable, ejectable toy gun. The process of disassembly and assembly will bring you a lot of fun.
  • 🎯Auto M416 Burst Launcher HK416 Soft Bullet

    Auto single shot, continuous firing dual mode, strong range, explosive output.
  • 🔥Semi-automatic blowback shell ejection Glock

    This is the latest semi-automatic shell ejection Glock, which adopts the principle of blowback power, and can automatically shoot cartridges and shoot continuously.
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  • 🎯VALKYRIE Super Dart Blaster|ANBSE™

     If you have high requirements for Dart Blaster performance, choose this one.

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  • 🔥The Gecko Darts Blaster - A Cyberpunk 2077 Toy Gun🔥ANBSE™

    The whole body is made of nylon, and the injection version of the gecko launcher. Automatic reloading, safe soft bullets, ultra-long range, precise shooting, and enjoyable actual combat experience.

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  • Thunder Tiger Launcher🔥Apex RE-45 Darts Blaster

    Sci-fi style pistol, powerful performance, long range, high precision, The prototype is RE-45 in Apex Legends.

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