Top ten famous pistols in the world

Top ten famous pistols in the world

1. Italy Beretta 92F pistol

Italy Beretta 92F pistol. The appearance of this pistol is very beautiful, which is very in line with the cold and ruthless feeling of weapons. It was specially developed by the Italian Beretta company in 1985. The final It was taken by the US military forces, which is enough to show its superiority.

2. Austrian Glock 17 pistol

Austrian Glock 17 pistol, this pistol has many characteristics, for example, it is very light, and it also has an insurance mechanism. Of course, the most important point is that it has a very strong firepower endurance. It is produced by the Austrian Glock company. Developed in 1983, it was eventually adopted by the US military.

3. American Colt m2000 pistol

The American Colt m2000 pistol. This pistol ranks third on the list of the top ten famous pistols in the world. Everyone knows that it is made by Colt, the largest firearms company in the United States. Almost no one knows about the special company in the firearms industry, and no one knows it. Its shooting accuracy is very high.

4. German p229 pistol

German p229 pistol. This pistol has many advantages. For example, it has a very long range. The second is that its accuracy is very high. Everyone knows that the pistol is suitable for close combat, because it is compared to a sniper rifle. Said that the range is a little insignificant, and this pistol was constructed by the German sig company in 1991.

5. Chinese qsg 92 pistol

Chinese qsg 92 type pistol, China is no longer the previous China. He has experienced a lot of ups and downs. The military power is already very strong, and it has entered the advanced ranks of the world's military power. This is China's pistol. The design of the structure is very advantageous, which can greatly improve the accuracy of shooting.

6.German HKP7 pistol

German HKP7 pistol. This pistol was developed by the German company Walter. It is characterized by low recoil, very easy to carry, and for good safety, its weight is only 0.78 kg. The gun The tube is only 105mm long, can hold eight rounds of magazines, and its effective range is 50 meters.

7. American Ruger p85 pistol

The American Ruger p85 pistol. This pistol is one of the top ten famous pistols in the world. It is a pistol that has received many attentions and has a fierce competition. It was once in the late 1980s in the United States in a new pistol selection. There was a lot of enthusiasm in the competition of the model meeting, and finally went to the Gelug company.

8. American m1911a1 pistol

American m1911a1 pistol. The manufacturer of this pistol is the famous Colt Company. Carter Company occupies a high position in the firearms manufacturing industry. It has many advantages, such as a very simple structure, easy to carry, and its The mechanism's ability to move is also very good, and the frequency of failure is very low.

9.Czech cz eighty-three pistol

Czech cz 83 type pistol, its biggest advantage is that it can be installed in the pocket, there is no need to worry about it will fire and misfire, but its shortcoming is that the recoil of shooting is a bit large, which affects shooting accuracy. This gun is made by Czech brothers. Manufactured, the man-machine function of this gun is very good, and it is simple and quick to use.

10. Former Soviet Union Tokarev pistol

The former Soviet Union Tokarev pistol. This gun was made by the Soviet Tokarev company in the first half of the 20th century. It is known as one of the most influential pistols in the world. The utilization rate is very high, and the impact rate is also very large, spreading across the Warsaw Pact countries, North Korea, Vietnam, and many countries in Africa.

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