⭐FAQS(Is this a scam?)👇👇👇

1.Is this a scam?

A.We can’t imagine that so many people will ask this question.

📣Maybe you've been scammed at other stores, and these types of stores all have one thing in common: you can buy products that look expensive for ridiculously low prices.

⭐Because toy guns are sensitive products, we only support shipping to some countries. Please check our shipping policy before you buy to make sure your country is within the shipping range.

⭐Countries within the delivery list have a 100% proper delivery rate, other countries have a 1% chance of being detained by customs.

⭐We are able to deliver the product to you as long as it is within the list of countries we can deliver to. Please buy with confidence

🛒We are a little expensive because we focus on product quality. Any time you buy a product at an outrageous price, you need to know that cheap is not good.

🤝We hope you can become a regular customer and spend money in our store more than once.

🤝About Return and Refund🤝

🛒We provide a 30 -day return without reason. If you are not satisfied with the product, we can refund you.

📦Shipping Info📦

🔥 We currently only support delivery in the following countries, please check before buying:

📣Toy guns are very special products, and the transportation time may be longer than ordinary products.

✔️ We will ship the goods for you within 24hours. If there are any special circumstances, we will contact you as soon as possible.

✔️ Usually, shipping time is 6-15 business days. If you can't receive your item, please feel free to contact us for help.

📦 For each order, we provide a tracking number, you can check the timeliness of the package at any time.

📧Any questions please contact us:[email protected]

2.What if your gun is seized by the customs?

A: We will refund you in full, click the link below to see the solution.

📣:For countries outside the delivery country list, Please contact us for confirmation before purchasing.

3.How long will it take for my items to arrive?

A.It takes about 2 weeks for general merchandise and 3 weeks for toy guns.
Toy guns are usually scrutinized strictly by the customs, and of course, sometimes they encounter good people who are careless.
Toy guns are very special products, and the transportation time may be longer than ordinary products.
If you have any questions, please contact us.